Do not eat eggplant poisoning!But this eating eggplant than 10 drugs (1)

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  Eggplant can be described as a full-featured, nutrient-rich vegetables, and eat a variety!But eat eggplant, there are many issues to note, then eggplant food taboos in the end, what does?  1 taboo issues edible eggplant, easy poisoning lot of raw eggplant Eggplant has a substance called solanine, have antioxidant effect and inhibition of cancer cells, it is one of the sources eggplant health effects; but it was the gastrointestinal tract than strong stimulating effect, have a narcotic effect on the respiratory center, poisoning occurs when a high intake of the human body。
  Solanine substantially insoluble in water, hence the blanch, boiled or the like can not be removed solanine。When cooking add vinegar, actually contribute to the destruction and decomposition solanine。
  The best way to prevent solanine poisoning, naturally control the intake。However, under normal circumstances, a meal to eat about 250 grams of eggplant does not cause any discomfort, so we need not be too alarmed。  2, eggplant can eat meat and vegetables safe frying, roasting, steaming, boiling, also fried, salad, soup。
Best not to eat eggplant, peeled, because the eggplant skin which contains vitamin B, vitamin B and vitamin C ^ are a good partner, vitamins?B vitamins support the metabolic processes in need, eat eggplant skin helps promote the absorption of vitamin C ^。Eggplant should not be eaten raw, in order to avoid poisoning。  3, eggplant mixed with mud is the healthiest way to eat eggplant Eat Although many, but most eat high cooking temperatures, long time, not only greasy, nutrition is also a great loss。Fried eggplant vitamin loss of up to 50%。
In all eat eggplant, the eggplant mixed with mud is the most healthy。
  4, eggplant and crab meat do not eat eggplant and crab are cold food, eat together tend to make the stomach feel uncomfortable, it can cause severe diarrhea, especially stomach Deficiency people should eat。
  5, during pregnancy choose fresh eggplant fresh eggplant pregnant friends in the choice of the time, should choose fresh eggplant。Best not to choose eggplant old, especially after the autumn of old eggplant, contains more solanine, harmful, should not eat。
  Eggplant can not only health, relieve these 10 super effective disease hernia: 4,5 root fresh eggplant pedicle, decoction take gravy, you can use sugar water transfer service。  Rheumatoid arthritis: 90 g of tomato roots coupled with 500 ml of white wine, soak 3 days later to take, each 15 ml, twice a day, one week can be effective。
  Diarrhea: Take tomato root coupled with 3 g 15 g peel, boiling water can be administered to treat diarrhea。
  Oral ulcers: frost drained eggplant, grinding into fine powder, to apply to the affected area twice a healing。  Breast discomfort: eggplant drained, and research into a fine, uniform mixing coupled with Vaseline, topical lesion can relieve mastitis。  Frostbite: tomato root 10, coupled with 3 g pepper, wash the affected area after the boiling water, prevention of frostbite, inflammatory lesion ulceration this method is not appropriate stimulation。  Old rotten feet: with fresh purple eggplant skin topical affected area twice daily, at first there will be a reaction, a week can be alleviated。
  Toothache: root mashed tomato sauce applied to the affected area, or gargle with Honeycomb decoction, then Chen eggplant root ashes deposited in the affected area。  Blood in the stool: the cream together with eggplant eggplant pedicle burn-existence for the end of fasting with warm wine blunt 10g each day, to relieve blood in the stool。

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