Guns captured King Mountain Trail Blazers 49 points Canzhen Clippers lost at home

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] Hurt the Clippers a two Lord – Chris Paul and Blake – Griffin's season。 The two main bit less, the balance of power began to tilt Blazers。
But the Clippers still played very tough, caused no small trouble Blazers。
  After the opening, both to defense-oriented, pioneers successfully defend the Clippers, but they do not score high, tied the game 18-18。 Rice is a pioneer Huck had 10 points, 3 Lillard is not administered in a scoreless。 Although its two generals, but the Clippers to demonstrate that the Blazers want an easy ride was not so easy。
  Section two sides still playing inextricably。
This section there are 2 minutes and 59 seconds, the Blazers began to cut tactical Jordan。
After Jordan throws a ball, the Clippers to 40-37 lead, then he sent blocks, Rivers close range shooting, the Clippers lead five minutes。
Within 5 minutes, the Blazers failed to hit a ball, the Clippers 50-42 to expand the advantage。
Huck Rice-thirds vote before the end of this section, the Blazers to 45-50 behind。
Reddick clippers and Jordan each had 10 points, was a pioneer Huck Rice 17 points。
  The strength of the dominant pioneer has played so hard。
Lillard blame, he first half 5 vote total loss。
Shortly after the third quarter began, he finally hit a record third, the Blazers played 10-0 to 55-50 go-ahead。
Clippers quickly called timeout, played in this section after the first half of shooting, Crawford third succeeded in this section there are 5 minutes 49 seconds, chasing the score 55-57。
Trail Blazers to 71-62 lead once, but this section last 2 minutes and 15 seconds they remained scoreless after the Clippers shot a wave of 9-0, the two sides battle 71-71。
  Lillard three quarters 10 shots 1, only 6 points。
The beginning of the fourth quarter, he did not break, but the starting lineup, hit the Clippers bench。
This efficiency is achieved, he immediately hit the third, the Blazers lead。 This section there for 10 minutes, he was again third succeeded, then steals, fast-break dunks, the Blazers play 12-5 to 83-76 lead。   After the Blazers finally act like a team strength to prevail, inside and outside the bloom, Krabi also hit the third, to expand their advantage to 90-77。 Within 3 minutes clippers not shooting, this section there are 7 minutes 27 seconds, only the complement of a ball Jordan。
  Clippers finally narrow the gap to single digits, but the Blazers will not give them a chance, 迈克科伦姆 and Lillard have third succeeded, after a wave hit 8-0, in the game there are 4 minutes 13 when seconds to throw off his opponent 102-86。
  Clippers after all, understaffed, and the Pioneer Festival over three bitter fight is not easy。 Blazers or rearward force field guns。 After Lillard has since hit three-pointers, leading the Blazers with 17 points。 After the Clippers to find the feeling, after 10-2 shot, only to 98-106 backward when the game 1 minute, but it was too late。
Blazers not shooting in 3 minutes, but the free throws to seal the victory。

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