Women's hair once a month, 10 years after actually get cirrhosis!

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Current Location: woman body hair once a month, actually have to cirrhosis after 10 years!2018-3-1414: 7: 6 Source: REVIEW: Recent media reports, Harbin Chan every month to hair, lasted for ten years, two months before the skin begins to turn yellow, to the hospital for examination, turned out to be liver hardening!Doctor said, when Ms. Chen to the hospital, is already in advanced cirrhosis of the liver, was diagnosed with chemical liver injury, retroactive history, Ms Chan said there is no damage to the liver who have taken drugs。
Doctors final judgment, leading to cirrhosis main reason for the perennial hair…… 3, long-lasting supply of hair dye market's largest and most widely used hair dye。
Such hair dye and chemical reactants can penetrate into the hair, calm in the inner hair medulla, due to the difficult freed from hair, so the effect of stained last a long time。
Why hair will hurt the liver?Hair dyes currently available on the market are mostly synthetic hair dyes, but most of the group comprising toluene, trinitro-p-phenylenediamine and amino dinitrophenol, these chemicals have a certain potential mutagenic and carcinogenic effects, long-term use may be absorbed through the skin of the head is accumulated and chronic administration, the health impact。 When these toxins into the body, the liver will need to break them down metabolized, often hair will increase the burden on the liver, in the long run it will cause liver damage。 In order to prevent damage of the hair dye, preferably as far as possible not stained。 If you do need the hair, please note the following。 Security hair, remember this 7:00!1, through the purchase of safety evaluation country medicine accurate lot or have a lot of health-word less toxic qualified products, selected transient or semi-permanent hair dye。
In general, when thirty-four days after the hair shampoo that is fading as transient hair dye, hair after 1?Two weeks faded into semi-permanent hair dye。
2, the first time the use of hair dye, hair dye should be rubbed a little behind the ear or inside the elbow skin, does not appear within 24 hours of burning, itching, swelling and feeling before use。
3, the use of hair dye, according to product instructions must be carefully formulated, not free to increase the concentration。
4, when using the found erythema, papules, itching and other allergic reactions should stop using and immediately washed with water hair and scalp, fluocinolone acetonide ointment applied to the affected area, chlorpheniramine oral antiallergic。
5, scalp trauma, broken or ringworm, boils healed, and pregnant women should not use hair dye; during the use of certain drugs, we should not use hair dye。
Also, people who are allergic to sulfa, procaine, benzocaine, benzoic acid, ammonia, promethazine, drugs such as azo dyes, hair dyes to be used with caution。

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