20 million scrap wood brush burst 22 points!This worthy produced Spurs 11-10

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Beijing on March 22, in an Eastern focus of the war carried out today, the Cleveland Cavaliers 132-129 at home to reverse the Toronto Raptors, George – Hill recently swept away the haze, the audience voted 11 in 10, one-third of 2 as shown in FIG. 2, 22 points, the field has become one of the winning hero Knight。
Field before the game, the Knights of varying big shake obtained in the season several new aid performance。
Small – Larry Nance successful host, but poor health; Rodney – Hood is still waiting for his knight tailored tactics, Jordan – Hill and Clarkson ensure the attendance, but the duo's performance is the ups and downs indefinite。
Especially in the Hill staggering annual salary of 20 million, nearly four games of his 23 shots in only 8 goals last victory over the Bucks, he played nearly 21 minutes, going 0 2 crop failure。 Last game after the game, CBS Sports wrote bluntly wrote: "To tell the truth, this game did not play Hood and small Nance, the trade deadline is likely to be replaced at half-knight team was introduced the main bargaining chip。
"But the so-called 'silence is not broke, you die in silence'。 In today's game against Eastern first name of the game, long silence suddenly erupted Hill。 He first section 3 shown in Figure 3, Section 2 minutes and 35 seconds until he misses the first in this field, is the only shot, and thereafter seven shots, Hill re-incarnation "Mr. hundred percent "until 3 minutes and 11 seconds before the whistle to his wonderful layup, led his unit to go-ahead 3 points, before the end of his offensive performance of the field。 According to statistics, in all Hill career single-game shot up to 11 times a game, hit rate in this field (%) is the highest。 Earlier this year, a record for March 4 in 1012 (%) when the Nets, that time he also played for the Jazz。 Hill is not thriving, and he ushered starting with veteran Jose – Calderon this field also surrendered 14 points, four assists, three excellent responses in 4 of 4; Smith played off the bench, also three points 3 2 He scored 10 points and five rebounds, three knights after scene of the three games after the Raptors did not strive。 In addition, the Knights of the field to complete the reversal, in the second half to boost the defense is the key, but from start to finish to maintain an efficient attack is the top priority, which after the loss to Hill-led field group can minimize shorthanded and complete the almost impossible task which deserves thumbs up。 Hill also said after the game goes, "Eastern opponent is first name, this is a playoff-level test, but before the wounded back, I like our current performance。

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