Maikedawei and owl off Eastern Road Venus Cooperation and Development to promote basketball

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  Basketball is a sport physical confrontation, collision, fall, body part injured unavoidable circumstances, the extent of damage is different。
Now, whether amateur or professional players, choose to wear protective gear training, human race is increasing, thanks to the popularity and promotion of sports protection awareness in China of sports people。   Recently, the US professional sports protective brand McDavid (Maikedawei), the world's first oral health expert ShockDoctor (Owl Road passenger) and Beijing Orient Venus Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd. entered into a strategic cooperation, McDavid (Maikedawei) and ShockDoctor (owl Road passenger) Oriental Venus will provide students the most professional, most comprehensive youth protection equipment, at the same time let the children experience the charm of basketball, the most intimate of security guarantee。
  Reference to "protection movement" in the history of the United States and Europe for a long time, especially youth groups sports protection awareness training and promotion, has been widely importance。 In particular body confrontational sports, such as basketball, football, etc., coaches, parents and small players ready to safeguards before training and competition, wearing knee pads, armband, dental care and other protective gear has become a fixed habit。
  Now, China's domestic sports protective germination and spread the idea of young people already forming, more and more people affirmed its importance, and personal involvement。
  Based on the common development of young people concerned about the huge space of basketball, McDavid (Maikedawei) and ShockDoctor (owl off road) and the leading youth basketball training and educational institutions Orient Venus hand in hand, to better promote youth sports development, promotion of youth movement to establish a correct concept of protection, so that young people who grow up healthy and happy。   In recent years, training has become a mainstream youth sports training market, more and more parents pay attention to cultivate children's physical fitness, and safety is the highest order。
The strategic cooperation between the two sides, in addition to pre-equipped to provide comprehensive protection for the children outside, the two sides deeper and more comprehensive extension of various forms of cooperation, also in the plan。

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