Navel in the dirt in the end can not dig?(1)

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  The eyes of the dirty things in the end can not dig?Small, we are always on their bodies full of curiosity, and perhaps part of the belly button is one place where most of our attention。As for why, the answer must be: because it is dirty ah?!However, for digging dig belly button, I think we hear most of the sentence is: navel do not dig, dig will certainly!  A closer look reveals that in fact the dirt!!  Since the skin at a lower position, the metabolism of the skin sebum, epidermal cells will gather dirt and mixed to the navel, plus the usual is not easy to clean, dirt are more so than others。
  US study found that the human is a great base for bacterial culture, there are about 1400 species of bacteria。Although the numbers looked scary, but the doctor said that it is not terrible, because all parts of our body are bacteria, such as the mouth, eyes, gut。Light gut a place, there are 14 power of bacteria 10, 1400 compared with bacteria, simply pale into insignificance。
  However, bacteria are not equal dirty, disease-causing bacteria are needed because conditions。  Eye can wash it?  Of course, you can wash it!In fact, the body itself is at a low, inside a little dirt is normal, too clean, fast heat dissipation, but on the poor gastrointestinal function。
But if you really feel too uncomfortable, but also can be cleaned。
If the navel relatively flat, it can be cleaned directly; if the navel deep, with a cotton swab was washed bath spotting, rinse after washing, dry skin。Note that, wash the navel when enough is enough, to be able to wipe clean enough, not too deep。Cleaning 1 month?2 times。  Reminder: you can not pull the eye!  Although not difficult to clean, can look inside the dirt, some residual party would have lost a hand, a hand to pull。
In fact, a few light pull is all right, but it must be gentle movements, keep hands clean。Navel is the nearest place to the internal organs, if too hard, the navel will cause irritation, causing digestive discomfort; if it is to pull the broken skin, but also timely cleaned and disinfected to prevent infection。  The ancients had a "navel as the internal organs of the country, the root of the strength return to Tibet," said。
And in Chinese medicine, it is important to point — where Shenque, and this part of the skin is very weak。
Because of this, the navel is also the fear cold place。
But navel is not a hole, it is the scar left after the umbilical cord is cut, is flat。  You can not look this small scar, even though it has completed an important role in person's life: a conveyor belt of nutrients in the mother's body。But it is still important parts of our body, the human internal organs can be obtained by partial oxygen, if you use tape affixed to the navel situation will arise constipation。  Traces of the umbilical cord connecting the fetus and the mother as part of human embryonic organ, the navel is to more closely than other parts of the abdominal skin contact within the abdominal cavity。
Navel easily hidden dirt, not cleaned, it may produce odor。
  Eye is improper methods and internal organs outside the nearest place to wash, viscera (mainly the small intestine) within the abdominal cavity will cause irritation, causing digestive discomfort, is stomach ache。

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