Peking Opera Zhao Baoxiu more experienced overseas heritage sow the seeds sprout

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Photo on the apprentice ceremony。 Respondents for Beijing BEIJING, November 28 (by Shangguan) apprenticeship at age 11, 12 years on stage, get more important opera awards……Beijing Opera artist Zhao Baoxiu shared skill experience and the recent sentiment to Frankfurt Shoutu。
In her mind, the development prospects of Peking Opera is very gratifying, but also hope that through this concrete action overseas Shoutu, can sow the seeds promote Peking Opera。
Zhao Baoxiu was born in mid-1948, mid-1959 into the Beijing Opera School, under the tutelage of Sun Fu Pavilion, Sunzhen Quan, etc., specializing pantaloon。
Peking Opera stars Li Jinquan then worship as a teacher, but also with their own hard work, and soon became very popular professional actors, rehearsal of the "three off feast," "eight treasures soup," "rain Tong Ren Tang" and a series of often played not decline repertoire, he has won the China drama plum Blossom Award, the Shanghai Magnolia Award, Wenhua Prize and other awards。 With age, Zhao Baoxiu began to fade opera stage, the focus shifted to teaching, "now or someone invited me on stage, but I think businesses need fresh blood, opera is no exception。 To this age, it is necessary to perform more than the opportunity to give young people do a good job of their own heritage. "。
Zhao Baoxiu (right) and Zhai Mo photo。 Respondents courtesy as early as 1986, when Zhao Baoxiu in the Children's Palace met his first disciples: Zhai。 Zhao Baoxiu was obsessed with praise-singing opera, thought more experienced, "they said to me: This 8-year-old girl can tell you like, the Celebrex show you a look at the pictures say。 I saw Zhai really OK。
Now she is regarded as a pantaloon line of business talent. "。 Since then, Zhao Baoxiu and has received Sun Liying, Huangli Zhu, Zhang Zhao Jun, Hou Yu and other man-made believers。
Among these disciples, a professional opera singers, teachers also have drama schools, "usually there are fancier looking for me, said she wanted to study drama, I also teach, Peking Opera tradition is always a good thing."。 Every year in mid-November 2017, Zhao Baoxiu a special trip to Frankfurt, opera lovers to worship her as a teacher Liu Yamei。
And that is also the Zhao Baoxiu the first time in more experienced overseas。 All in all, the two men really quite closely。
In 2014, Zhao Baoxiu a pedestrian came to the show in Austria。 After someone has told fans "meet demand", "I was surprised a moment: This is a foreign country, as well as fans?"Come what Liu Yamei。 That day, she and a few with a "senior fancier," the friend came to visit Zhao Baoxiu。 Due to time reasons, just hurry met side。
But since then, Zhao Baoxiu know there is a Frankfurt opera Edward Court, there are Liu Yamei, Gu Yuhua, Zhu Xudong large number of opera lovers。 "Tong Ren Tang storm" Zhao Baoxiu stills。 Respondents courtesy arrived at 2015, Zhao Baoxiu to Paris to participate in UNESCO's activities, again saw Liu Yamei, of course, the topic of opera。
In a coffee shop, Liu Yamei and usually accompanied by a friend to study drama doubts have come to ask Zhao Baoxiu: how it would look nice figure?How fingering considered in place……Questions one by one。 "Take" Red Lantern "For example, Li Tiemei the hands of the red light was lifted from the forward, according to your actions show completely move backwards。 "Chat ecstatic, Zhao Baoxiu they completely lose track of time and space, next to the foreigners and enthralled, kept thumbs, coffee cups were empty, still reluctant to go。
Between coming and going, and Liu Yamei gradually familiar with the Zhao Baoxiu。
Normally, two people often communicate through micro letter: Liu Yamei sent me his own performance, Zhao Baoxiu teach her how to improve。 One day, Jen Liu Yamei suddenly become coy, tangled for a long time, submitted a request for coach and invited to Zhao Baoxiu Shoutu ceremony held in Frankfurt。 After careful consideration, Zhao Baoxiu agreed。 Considering Liu Yamei familiar apprentice almost all witnesses in Frankfurt, there is a desire apprentice, Edward Court opera fans friends friendship, but also in foreign countries have such an opera soil was not easy in the end, she decided to collect a special trip to Frankfurt only。 Zhao Baoxiu appearance in "Shiro Tan Mu" in the。
The ceremony masters respondents courtesy of the day, the house full to the brim squeeze dozens of overseas Chinese wishers。 Dream of Liu Yamei particularly moved, "not for fame coach, in order to better and quintessence of Chinese heritage in a foreign country flourish。
I had to study hard and study carefully, actively promote, vigorously carry forward, in order not to disgrace the door division, against the non-life division "。 "I found such a phenomenon: the fine traditional culture of the motherland, opera is like a huge magnet for us and overseas Chinese, as long as the opera met because, in all likelihood became friends。
"Hearing these words apprentice, Zhao Baoxiu strong feelings: Liu Yamei, who not only put Peking Opera as a personal hobby, but as a responsibility to carry forward the fine traditional culture," they buy their own outfit, duty performance, full of the quintessence of the art of love and cultural self-confidence. "。 "Peking Opera is one of Chinese traditional culture, need to be passed along。
"Zhao Baoxiu believes that things in the country are often more experienced, but also made a special trip to foreign countries more experienced almost no, if we can take to make an impact in Peking Opera abroad, let culture to come out, this is the significance," I hope that through this sow the seeds of more experienced under heritage, so that the seeds take root in opera of this soil. "。
Editor: Fei Fan。

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