Facebook depression disclose user information scandal EU will be called Zuckerberg explained

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  Facebook depression disclose user information scandal EU will be summoned to explain Zuckerberg [World Wide Web Roundup] fifty million user data be misused, so that the world's largest social networking site Facebook getting burned。 For Facebook and analysis firm Cambridge prosecution has begun。
  According to Reuters, the evening of 20 local time, Maryland residents and Facebook users Lauren filed a lawsuit in California court, sued Facebook and analysis firm in Cambridge, malfeasance and violation of the California Unfair Competition Law。
Reuters said it could be the beginning for Facebook and analysis firm in Cambridge, a series of lawsuits。 But this is only part of the Facebook lawsuit war。 According to the "Wall Street Journal" reported 21, informed sources said that as Facebook user data allegedly leaked 50 million Trump presidential campaign team to give the United States are closely associated with the data analysis companies – Cambridge analysis, the US Federal Trade Commission is investigating its 2011 is a violation of the terms of a settlement agreement。 If it determines default, Facebook could face a fine of hundreds of millions of dollars。 According to the British "Financial Times" reported on 21 May, the British Information Commissioner pending court search warrant in order to track down the company's system。 The EU also summoned Facebook CEO Zuckerberg to explain。   Since the news leaked information and regulatory agencies were involved in the investigation, face book company's share price fell two consecutive days, it has fallen more than 12%。
On the Twitter website, a call for people to delete Facebook account hashtag "#DeleteFacebook" being boarded trending around the world。

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