After Sun Hongbin "bare speech" music Watch the two-day word limit

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Sun Hongbin leave to return to make music Watch the share price decline。 After Sun Hongbin from "Naked resignation" Music Watch all positions, on Friday the resumption of the music network has been word limit for two consecutive days。 As of yesterday's close, the music network close at 5.34 yuan / share, higher than the share price highs after the resumption of trading in January this year, music Watch –3 14 May 6.59 yuan / share has fallen by nearly 20%。 Watch music for the future stock price movements, a lot of people think that not only is whether Watch music business have substantially improved, but in investor confidence。
Now it seems, Sun Hongbin's sudden departure, left to more investors are disappointed and helpless。
Yesterday morning, the music network directly to the stock once again limit price 5.34 yuan / share opened, the day word limit, a total turnover of 45.490 000 hand, turnover of 2.4.3 billion yuan。 At the close, still 171.370 000 hand sell orders entertained。 According to yesterday Exchange after-hours data show that the day of Xiahe Road Xiamen Huatai Securities, China Merchants Securities in Shenzhen Shekou Industrial 7th Road, Lake Road Xiamen Huafu Securities are bought over 26 million yuan, state securities sold 13.24 million yuan Shanghai Hongqiao Road。
Data show that the stock was in music Watch March 13, 14, for two consecutive trading day closing price was 10.00% and 6.98%。
As of March 14 Letv stock price of 6.59 yuan / share, compared to February 13, the lowest closing price of 4.16 yuan / share has risen by 58.41%。 After the music network announced the suspension until March 16 to resume trading limit will come, March 19 limit again。
The music network shares resume trading since January 24 this year to date, total turnover has reached more than 200% the past five trading days (March 8, 9, 12, 13, 14) the cumulative change hands rate of more than 40%。 For the Sun Hongbin "bare back", the official financial record so far and no further explanation, perhaps the current make investors feel Letv most important factor in the company's prospects confused: Sun Hongbin what is not have given up the music network?However, industry analysis, although Sun Hongbin no longer serve as chairman of the music network, but in fact the leadership system of financial record system is still in control of the music network's Board of Directors and operating management, so there is still the largest financial record music as the savior of。 And as a businessman, whether it is with Sun Hongbin investment or speculative motive of White Music Watch, after 17 billion invested real money apparently will not give up。
Jia Yueting currently holds the music, as the stock has been confirmed warehouse explosion, then he was frozen music network shares will be real important bargaining chip to control the music network, whether to further increase financial record music Watch real holding, or have new investors admission is willing, it is currently the largest music network suspense。 (Beijing Youth Daily)。

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