5 major skin problems

Studies on dry and rough skin have shown that vitamin A can promote skin metabolism, ensure the integrity and integrity of epithelial cells, and make skin soft, smooth, and elastic.

Therefore, those with dry and rough skin should eat more foods rich in vitamin A, such as pork liver, carrots (fried with vegetable oil), almonds, pumpkin, eggs, vitamins and so on.

  For meals with oily skin, light meals are appropriate. Use less oil, salt, sugar, and more vinegar when cooking.

The staple food should usually use coarse grains instead of fine grains. Non-staple foods can choose beans, radishes, cucumbers, cabbage, celery, kelp, laver and other alkaline foods.

Eat less high-fat, high-sugar foods such as fatty meat, butter, peanuts, sweets, candy, etc.

In addition, foreign proteins such as shrimp, crab, and shellfish must be restricted, and alcohol and tobacco must be abstained from drinking strong tea and coffee.

  Freckles appear mostly in spots with whiter skin tones, and many light brown or dark brown spots diffuse from the eyes to the surface.

Eat more vitamin C foods to inhibit melanin production, such as celery, cucumber, cabbage, rape, tomato, winter melon, white radish, apple, white pear, apricot, watermelon and so on.

Such as fava beans, chives, pork liver, cocoa powder and other hot foods can make melanin worse, it should be eaten less or not.

  Quite a few acne boys and girls have acne, also known as acne or acne.

It is mainly caused by excessive secretion of sebum, poor drainage, and bacterial invasion. It is caused by multiple pores and is concentrated around the forehead, nose and mouth.

In addition, the front is also a frequently-occurring area.

In addition to washing your face frequently and using a special facial cleanser, you should also eat more vitamin B1 and vitamin B6 foods, such as vegetables, whole grains, and coarse rice. If necessary, you can also take these two vitamins under the guidance of a doctor.

  Liver plaque is called liver plaque, which is caused by pigmentation, and may be related to poor liver function.

Always take vitamin C or vitamin E before going to bed, usually eat more foods that consume these two vitamins, and transform liver spots to become lighter in color.

Strawberries, watermelons, oranges, tomatoes, etc. are all great products.

  Chicken skin or sand skin is more common in post-pubertal women.

“Chicken skin” often appears from the shoulders to the outside of the upper arms, or from the waist to the thighs, with pores protruding and hard to the touch.

“Shapi” appears on the lower extremities, is scaly and rough.

Both skin abnormalities can be improved by eating more foods supplemented with vitamin A, such as animal liver, cream, milk, cheese, etc.

More intake of vitamin C can also improve this skin symptom.