[How to make raisin milk ice cream]_Home-made way of raisin milk ice cream_How to make raisin milk ice cream

After returning home from work, I should make a delicious table for the family, but eat a few meals every day. What should I do today?


Don’t worry about it, today I will introduce you a delicious and delicious raisin milk ice cream. Come and learn it!


1 Add condensed milk to the rice cooker, and add corn flour while stirring with a spoon.

To a little thick.


2 Material picture: Condensed milk 6 scoops of raisin 1 corn flour 3.

1 Carefully pour the milk paste into the ice cream mold, put 1/3 first, add a bit of razor, and then put the milk.


2 Look, maybe that’s it!


Fill it up, insert the plastic handle.

Put in the refrigerator.


I make it at night, and it’s best to eat at noon.


It’s so cold, it’s rich in milk, and my favorite is the grape.

Remember that only good restaurants can have good delicacies, you can make your own dishes.

The above introduction about raisin milk ice cream is quite detailed. If you collect it, you have a chance to make it.