12 Wrong Reasons to Get Married

We can’t force marriage to be the purest crystallization of love, and in the face of such a big choice in life, a difference in thought may make you regret it for life.

  The first wrong reason for marriage-downgrading to get married for marriage.

  The second wrong reason to marry-to flee the family.

This is a common mistake girls make.

In order to escape from an unhappy home, or to escape from discipline, and yearn for freedom, girls often use marriage to achieve their goals.

In fact, this is basically a kind of false independence.

Blind marriage is just a jump from one fire pit to another.

Flying out of my home, thinking that marriage is a change of lifestyle and a new life, but it is a childish dream.

  The third wrong reason to marry-I am surprised by the order of my children. Although contraception is so convenient, such old stories still happen very frequently.

Although the version of the new era is slightly different, when the woman accepts the man’s marriage, although she says that the other party is just a stallion, she is brave to be an unmarried mother, but it is still old wine in new bottles.

I was afraid that I wanted to lock in the hearts of others, and I was locked in.

  The fourth wrong reason to marry-to disobey the parents.

No one can deny the magic of love, but whether parents think that their children are too young, or that their children choose an inappropriate lover, they may cause profound rebellious psychology.

Especially in scenes with rebellious character, they often resist in order to resist.

Keep in mind, however, that this may be the worst and worst time to fight a parental statement.

  The fifth wrong reason to marry-marry a beetle and find a rich man.

A woman is looking for a golden mountain to lean on. Who can say bad?

Everything looks at money and still asks for money, I’m afraid that other aspects may not be as good as expected?

  The sixth wrong reason to marry-just because he is handsome?

Da Liang Zi.

Good-looking men and women love everyone, and the power of beauty is invincible.

It ‘s just that, except for beauty, all other necessary conditions are put into practice, but it becomes a great tragedy. And, do n’t forget that the appearance of depreciation rate is high?

Before and after marriage, seeing a man change his face (pictured) Fortunately and unfortunately, the 7th wrong reason to marry a beautiful man–for sex.

Believe it or not, men are more likely to be victims of sex.

Men often marry not the favorite in their hearts, but the woman who uses them to restrain them.

Six gentle traps for cohabitation. Eighth wrong marriage reason-because I am lonely.

Modern people are not afraid of loneliness.

Men and women entangled because of loneliness.

Rather arguing and killing is better than being alone.

  Ninth Wrong Reason for Marriage-Seeking Security.

The sense of security cannot be given by others except to yourself.

Think about it, you would rather give you the front you leaned on, but you wouldn’t do it again. What can you do?

  10th Wrong Reason for Marriage-Singles allowed.

Many women still do not believe that late marriage and non-marriage can be a mature option.

The urge of the physiological clock?

social pressure?

Fear of factors such as being an elderly mother, someone will marry in order to break the single situation.

The most ridiculous thing is that a woman told me that unless you get divorced for a week, you have to get married once.  The eleventh wrong marriage reason-want to be a bride.


However, there are indeed many such ridiculous women who treat marriage as a show.

Make up?

Take a picture?

The feast is not fun, and it fulfills the bride dream.

  The 12th wrong reason to marry-love must be married.

In fact, love does not have to be married.

Modern people have many chances of love throughout their lives. Like beads, each one has its own perfection and grace.