Mountaineering is the best fitness method for OL relaxation

Core tip: The most popular sports in the spring are not basketball, badminton, or other sports, but outdoor climbing. Because mountain climbing has many benefits, it can also put a week’s work pressure aside and let yourself be physically and mentally.Relax and have a great weekend.

  The weekend is here, many OLs either stay at home or eat out and eat, but have you ever thought about your body’s time to recharge?

The so-called charging here is like telling everyone that you need to exercise, because as an office family, you basically sit in front of the computer every day, and you sit for a day. There is basically no other time for physical exercise. For a long time, your body is very goodCapabilities may already be sub-healthy.

  When it comes to weekend fitness, many people first think of going to the gym or meeting friends to play badminton, table tennis and other activities.

The advice I gave you today is to go outdoor for mountain climbing. Why is this?

  First, stay in an air-tight office every day. Your eyes never leave the glittering display. Your eyes will be more or less uncomfortable or myopic.

One of the easiest ways to treat myopia and protect the eyes is to look into the distance and relax the eye muscles.

In the mountains, especially on the top of the mountain, you can set your eyes to infinity and relieve the fatigue of the eye muscles.

  Second, the area of woods and grass on the mountain is not comparable to that of green grass and flowers in the city. Walking outdoors has the potential to improve lung ventilation, increase lung capacity, and improve lung function, while also enhancing the ability of the heart to contract.

This enables you to have a good purification of your body, your spirit and your physiology.

  Third, during outdoor climbing, the road is uneven, which will lead to self-regulation when walking. These adjustments are beneficial to improve the balance function of the human body, enhance the coordination ability of the limbs, make the human muscle fibers thicker, muscular, and increase the flexibility of the limbs.
  Fourth, people’s daily glucose metabolism belongs to aerobic metabolism. Mountain climbing activities, especially climbing mountains, are mostly anaerobic due to the thin air. In addition, the amount of exercise in mountaineering and camping activities increases, and the mountain often cannot meet the body’s needs.It can consume a lot of small tissues gathered in the body, especially small tissues in the waist and abdomen.

  Fifth, a harmful substance called free radicals will be produced in the normal metabolism of the human body, which can destroy human cell membranes, dissolve normal human cells, cause aging and even mutation of human tissues.

Oxygen anions can effectively bind free radicals and make them excreted from the body.

According to relevant data, the unit content of oxygen anions on urban streets is only 100 to 300, and tens of thousands in mountain forests.

Therefore, walking and camping in the mountains can completely replace harmful free radicals and help delay aging.