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Honey has high nutritional value, can provide a lot of vitamin substances to the human body and can also help people alleviate the symptoms of constipation. Some honey also has the effect of beauty and beauty.

Some parents like to give their children foods that they think have a very high nutritional value. They want to know how old children can eat honey.

Children should not consume honey prematurely. If it is not necessary, wait until the child is older before giving the child honey.

1. How old children can drink honey water. Honey is rich in vitamins, glucose sugar, fructose, a variety of organic acids and trace elements beneficial to human health, so it is a good tonic.

Some parents like to add some honey to their children’s milk or boiled water to add nutrition to their children or to change stools to be smooth.

However, it has been proved that the consumption of honey and pollen products by infants and young children under the age of one year may easily cause food poisoning due to botulinum contamination, and it must be paid attention to.

Dust and soil often contain a bacterium called botulinum bacteria. Bees may bring pollen and honey back to the beehive during the process of collecting pollen and making honey.

Infants and young children have poor disease resistance, and it is easy for the ingested botulinum to multiply during transformation and produce toxins, thereby causing botulinum food poisoning.

Poisoned children first develop constipation that lasts 1 to 3 weeks, and then develops lax and slow paralysis, faint crying, weak milk, and difficulty breathing.

Therefore, for the healthy growth of children, it is best not to eat honey for children under one year of age 2. What dietary precautions should children 6 and 6 years old pay attention to: eat more green vegetables and not eat fried and greasy food;Some barley kernels, yam, do not eat cold and greasy foods; loss of appetite can eat lentils, lotus seeds, hawthorn, etc., avoid cold and sweet foods for children from 4 to 6 years of age.When training clothes, the ancient saying said, “If you want to be safe at four o’clock, you often need to recover from the cold by three minutes.”

Go to outdoor activities to ensure that you have a certain amount of exercise every day, strengthen exercise, and improve your physique. As a parent, you must learn about massage methods for your child’s health, help your child to massage, increase appetite, increase blood circulation, and increase physical fitness.s help.

How old can children drink honey water?

In the face of this problem, the editor has pointed out the answer in the above article. If a baby under one year old is drinking honey, this phenomenon of poisoning may occur, so mothers must be cautious before feeding their baby.

Or you can ask the doctor for advice and appoint the baby according to the doctor’s prescription order.