How decoction is highly effective

[Introduction]Traditional Chinese medicine decoctions have a long history, seemingly ordinary, but they are very learned.

The level of efficacy is closely related to the equipment, water volume, heat, time and method of decoction.

To make medicine effective, you must master the correct decoction methods.

  ■ The casserole or enamelware without damage is the best, without iron or aluminum products.

  ■ The decoction of water and water volume is based on cleanliness. Tap water and well water are acceptable.

Add water to exceed drug 1?
2 cm for degrees; water consumption for chronic patients and children can be reduced.

  ■ When the fire is in general, first boil it with the rapid fire (wuhuo), and then use the slow fire (wenhuo) to boil.

There are also simple frying with slow fire or slow fire, you must follow your doctor’s advice.

  ■ Time and frequency Generally, half an hour after the head is boiled is appropriate, and the amount of water and time for the second decoction should be half of the head.

According to the test, two decoctions yield more active ingredients than one continuous decoction.

Because after the drug is cooked, the solvent forms two parts, one inside the drug and the other outside the drug, forming two different concentrations.

When the concentration of the active ingredient inside the drug is greater than the outside, the release can continue to be extended, and when the concentration changes, the release will no longer be released.

Therefore, it is necessary to change the water and re-fry, so that the active ingredients continue to be released.

Therefore, the traditional Chinese medicine decoction is usually fried twice.

  ■ Specific method: Soak the medicine in cold water for half an hour to one hour before frying.

With the gradual increase of water temperature, plant cells gradually expand and rupture, and proteins and starches will gradually dissolve in water, which will not block the release of active ingredients, so the efficacy is higher.

If boiled water is used for decoction, the protein and starch in plant cells will cause coagulation, making the cells difficult to rupture, continuous rupture, and the active ingredients will remain in the coagulated body and will not be easily released, and the efficacy will not be fully exerted.

When decoction, avoid liquid overflow or dry too fast, and do not repeatedly cover it to avoid volatilization of active ingredients.

  Depending on the efficacy and toxicity of the drug, different methods of decoction should be taken.

According to the solution, the heat-relief drugs should be fried quickly, and the time should be short, otherwise the efficacy will be reduced, and the properties will be changed.Release more.

Certain toxic drugs such as aconite and aconite should also be fried slowly for a long time to reduce toxicity and increase drug efficacy.