Lose belly aunt with 7 strokes diet

Many people are helpless with the meat on their stomachs. The US “MSN Website” has published the advice of well-known pathogen biologist Robinn Zekan to reduce the number of pregnant women through diet.

  Eating less salt and high-salt foods can stimulate appetite and thus accumulate more shell aunts.

If you feel the taste is weak, you can use vinegar or some spices to season.

  Try to go home for meals. Eating out will increase junk food and the replacement of high-volume food. If you must entertain outside, you can take a walk home after meals.

  When people feel hungry when eating snacks, many people can’t bear to eat. This is actually not true.

After the appetite rebounds, more highly transformed foods are absorbed.

May wish to eat snacks, such as fruit, yogurt, during the drought can increase satiety.

  From a physiological point of view, eat dinner early. The stomach shrinks after dark. Eating too late for dinner will not help the stomach empty the food and prevent further digestion.

  Eat less high-fat foods For dinner, eat less high-fat foods such as meat, cheese, mayonnaise, etc., which will affect the stomach’s emptying of food in a timely manner, which is not good for digestion.

  High-fiber foods should be replaced by appropriate amounts of fruits and vegetables. Although fiber is good for digestion and prevents constipation, eating too much in a meal can also cause irritation due to fiber, which is too much.

  Small sips of water are helpful to promote food digestion. Large sips of water will dilute the digestive juices and are not good for digestion.

Drink between meals. Drinking water during meals can affect digestion.