How to eliminate a full-time wife’s heart disease

How to eliminate the full-time wife’s heart disease When a lady satisfies all of the above (1) + (2), or (1) + (3), or (1) + (2) + (3)Consciously have some fixed views or expectations on her role, for example, dignified, steady, considerate of others, put the needs of husband and children in front of herself, and be able to have a good relationship with her parents-in-law (at least on the surface)Perfunctory), dress simple and elegant, insulated from low-cut dress or miniskirt, in order to organize the home in a well-organized and beautiful, hobby is cooking or DIY home decorations . If you want to describe this big string with a simpleTo sum up the words, I am afraid-“good wife and good mother.”

  Maybe you can go crazy with a group of friends and stay away all night before you get married. Maybe you have never cooked a meal for yourself (except making instant noodles), but once you enter the siege of marriage, you will be more or less forward.Set of character requirements close up.

  But any role play will be tired and tired.

Just like the housewife in “The Dream of the Covered Bridge”, after playing the role of a half-life virtuous wife and mother, she finally couldn’t hold back, and a derailment occurred.

Fortunately, she is relatively sane, and her husband is a good and generous person. Otherwise, most of the results will be a marriage hitting her, and her own life is torn apart.

  In fact, wives, mothers, these terms are just our role in life.

Of course each role has its own set of social norms, expectations, and internal requirements, but without what role we play, we will all have our own needs and personalities, and these things of our own cannot be fully consistent with the roleof.

  Solution one: Multiple roles Full-time wives are often considered to be good destinations for women, but single roles are actually more tiring.

Psychological research has found that women with multiple roles will have a better level of mental health.

For example, it is also a professional woman. When there is a problem in the career, a married woman with a child will cope better than a single woman.

The same is true of marriage or child problems, and women who work are better able to cope than women who are not.

Multiple roles do not increase pressure, but instead buffer each other.

  To expand, when you are tired of roles such as being married and having children, in addition to the role of professional women, you can return to your pre-marital circle of friends and play the role of a friend; you can participate in a non-For a profit-making organization, play a volunteer role; you can join an online club and find an outlet for your hobbies; or temporarily separate from your husband and regain the freedom of being single . playing other roles takes time.On the birthday, the child ‘s parent ‘s meeting will be scheduled in the same way, and your other roles ‘needs will be scheduled regularly or irregularly to give yourself the opportunity to take off the clothes of a good wife and mother and flee temporarily.

  Solution two: Enjoying vacations and returning to our own roles are created when we interact with others.

When we are with anyone else, there is always some sort of camouflage.

Perhaps if a person starts to think that when he is in the room, he suddenly finds that there is still a person in the room. The first reaction is probably to reflect on whether there is any action that should not be seen by others.

  Married women often have little time alone, even with their husbands as inseparable as conjoined babies, and children are almost our carry-on luggage.

Always in the sight of others, certain parts of the ego are always restricted.

  People who work have annual leave. Doesn’t a wife or mother need a vacation?

Straightforwardly let yourself run away and take a vacation for yourself, such as traveling alone.

When we can be alone, we can fully exert the pressure that our role has given us, and let our inner dreams and passions renew.

  Solution three: Substitute role who said that we must accept all the requirements for the role?

Since you are playing this role, you can export your characteristics to the role and make the role suitable for you.

  For example, one of my girlfriends lives with her husband’s family. After analyzing the characteristics and preferences of members of the family, from the first day of marriage, she pretended not to cook and completely gave up replacing “proficient in cooking” with herself.The role’s efforts, while only making some concessions in other areas.

Now that she has been married for many years, her parents-in-law have no opinion of her, but are particularly satisfied.

In some ways, escaping the restrictions that marriage status gives you is also a way out.

  It is said that marriage is a siege, in fact, the siege originally only existed in the heart.

You can knock out the city gate, or when you want to take a holiday for yourself, say to it, “You don’t exist now!

“Then, go out frankly.

By making the siege a freely accessible city, this city can exist for a long time.