Doctor: Young children don’t have to rush to “cut the roots” and wait for surgery

●舌头的血管丰富,“剪脷根”容易引发难以止住的大出血  ●专家不建议刮、刷、冲“脷苔”,以免破坏味蕾影响味觉  很多孩子长大后才听到父母说起,出生A small operation of “cutting the roots” was performed one month later. “The doctor cut a knife under your tongue. Your mouth is full of blood and you cry.
You are now articulate thanks to that scissors, otherwise you will not be able to speak clearly because of ‘root’.
“But from a scientific perspective, does everyone have to” cut their roots “after birth?
Experts point out that this is a misunderstanding. It is not too late to have surgery after the child learns to speak.
In addition, people also have misunderstandings about the relationship between tongue and disease. The “scraping moss” that Guangzhou people are used to is actually harmful.
  Root root: Surgery when you can’t speak clearly. In southern China, especially Guangdong, there is a popular “cut root root” operation: when a newborn baby is full moon, he cuts the strap connected to the mouth under the tip of his tongue.
It turned out that parents and doctors felt that the baby’s tongue did not protrude freely and was caught by the sublingual lace, even the tip of the tongue was split, and they were afraid that the child would not speak clearly later.
  Liu Bing said that medical textbooks do not prescribe routine small surgery, and she advised parents not to rush to do it. After all, cutting and stitching may cause secondary infections and major bleeding.
To ensure speaking, the blood circulation of the tongue muscles is very rich, so the tongue is red.
The root and base of the tongue also have thick arteries and veins, which are difficult to stop once heavy bleeding occurs.
Some people commit suicide by biting their tongue. In addition to dying from excessive blood loss, it may also be caused by blood flowing into the lungs to cause suffocation and death.
  If the child can’t stick out the tongue beyond the edge of the lip red, the bifurcation of the tongue severely affects the appearance and the pronunciation is not clear, so that the specialist can determine whether to cut the sublingual strap.
It is best to wait for the child to learn to suck and swallow. After 7-8 months of learning to speak, it is not too late to perform surgery after finding that there is a language dysfunction.
If there are no other physical problems, the “roots” will generally not affect the language development of the brain.
  Tooth-marked tongue: caused by the imbalance of water and electrolyte.
For example, the yellowish color of the tongue is “damp heat”, and thickening of the tongue coating (ie, “moss coating”) on the surface of the tongue means that the disease is aggravated.
Many people feel that the tongue coating is not clean. They also brush their tongues when brushing their teeth. There are also special tongue scrapers and tongue spray nozzles on the market. In short, if you clean your tongue with various methods, you will feel healthy.
Many people still believe that the tooth marks on the edge of the tongue means “deficiency of temper”.
  Jack Lasso, a registered dietitian and a member of the US National Committee on Anti-Fraud Fraud, said that the “tongue diagnosis” of different parts of the tongue and different internal organs was a false diagnosis.
  Liu Bing believes that the so-called tongue coating is actually the mucous membranes, taste buds and secretions on the surface of the tongue, and the relationship between its color and constitution and disease is only an observed experience, not necessarily a causal link.
Some “tongues” may be excessive secretions between taste buds, secretion disorders during menopause, and water and electrolyte disorders. Most of them have no clear clinical significance.
“Tooth-marked tongue” may be edema in the human body. It is recommended that blood be drawn to check biochemical indicators, and diuresis and other treatments can be performed according to the levels of sodium, calcium, and magnesium.
  Sometimes the tongue is stained with pigments such as food and lipstick, which can show various colors. Liu Bing claims that as long as a mouthwash is enough to clean it, it is not recommended to scrape, flush, or brush the tongue, because the surface tissue of the tongue is very sensitive.Taste buds may become less sensitive due to mechanical damage, and they will be “tasteless” in the future.
  Tongue cancer: Chewing betel nut can induce tumors. What can really be seen from the tongue surface is the disease of the tongue itself, such as hand, foot and mouth disease, pemphigus, measles virus infection, candida albicans infection, etc.
Liu Bing said that ulcers, redness, and depression can appear on the surface of the tongue. The patient feels pain. If he can heal or heal after treatment, don’t worry.
Some ulcers are gradually malignant, the bottom of the ulcer becomes hard, and even grows into a “cauliflower”, but the patient does not feel pain, which is often cancer.
  Liu Bing reminded that hot burns caused by smoking and overheating diets, chemical damage caused by chewing betel nut and mouthwash, mechanical scratches caused by dentures and rotten teeth, etc. Repeated stimulation of the tongue for a long time can induce cancerous mucosal cells, sometimes manifested as tongue changesWhite or long erythema should be highly vigilant.
  If the tongue has cancer, it is usually removed by surgery.
Liu Bing said that more than one-third of the tongue was cut, which not only affected speech, but also lost the balance of muscle strength. The teeth on one side would be deformed obliquely and the facial shape would also change.
Due to the complex structure of the tongue muscle, even if the muscle shape is used to repair the shape of the tongue, functions such as speech are still difficult to recover.