How to eat five-colored beans can help to nourish the body’s internal organs

There is a proverb “Eat three bucks a day, why do you need to take medicine for several years”? This means that if someone eats legumes every day, it is enough to get rid of the disease and even help treat some diseases.

  The traditional traditional diet pays attention to “the grain should be fed, and the loss of beans is bad”, which means that the grain is nutritious, but without beans, it will lose its balance.

Modern nutrition also proves that if you insist on eating legumes every day, as long as two weeks, the human body can reduce trace amounts, increase immunity, and reduce the probability of illness.

We do not hinder to learn about the respective effects of the five-colored beans, defeating each independent physical condition to replenish.

  Adzuki bean supplements: Adzuki bean also contains excessive dietary fiber, which has a good effect of intestinal laxation, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, regulating blood sugar, detoxifying and anti-cancer, preventing stones, and losing weight.

Adzuki beans have a good diuretic effect, can detoxify and detoxify, and are effective for heart disease and kidney disease, and edema.

  Mung Beans for Liver Tonic: Mung Beans are sweet and cool in nature.

Regular food can help excrete toxins in the body and promote normal metabolism.

Mung beans can lower cholesterol, have liver protection and anti-oxidant effects. In the mung bean soup, honey is metabolized for even better detoxification.

  Soybean spleen supplementation: Soybean supplementation saponin can stimulate the secretion of indigestive bile acid and promote digestion and absorption.

The color of soybeans corresponds to the spleen. It can strengthen the spleen and widen it, nourish qi and nourish deficiency. Frequent consumption also helps to delay aging. It is suitable for people with a pale complexion and weak body.

  White beans supplement the lungs: White kidney beans have saponin, urease and a variety of globulins. They have the functions of improving the immune system, activating lymphocyte T cells, and promoting the synthesis of DNA. They are useful for preventing the onset of respiratory diseases.Good effect.

  Black beans and kidney: black beans contain many antioxidants, especially isoflavones, anthocyanins are good antioxidants, can promote the excretion of toxins from the plasma, has obvious tonic kidney, yin and blood, strong muscles and bones, soothe the nervesefficacy.