Doubt: Why your skin loves “oil”

The weather is gradually getting hot, and oily skin MMs may start to be distressed again: Sebaceous glands have strong secretions, large pores, easy to tan, and unclean blackheads and acneEasy to take “oil”?
  ★ 形成油性皮肤的原因 据空军总医院美容科专家介绍,油性皮肤形成的原因与遗传最有关系(约占80%),细胞自行分泌的油脂是皮肤最重要的油脂来源,皮脂腺会分泌并输送Oil and fat, covering the top layer of keratin, lipophosphorus, and protein.
When too much oil is secreted, it will overflow the stratum corneum, which is why oily skin is shiny.
In addition, the amount of sebaceous gland secretion varies with age, gender, and season.
Oily skin is susceptible to bacterial infections. The bacteria themselves produce enzymes. The bacteria swallow the skin’s oil and then break it down into fatty acids. Fatty acids can stimulate the growth of keratin and inflammation.Then acne and acne occur.
At the same time, beauty experts at the Air Force General Hospital also said that although oily skin is prone to “oil”, it does not mean that moisture is enough.
If the moisturizing factor is insufficient or the oily skin is too clean, the “oil” is washed away and the moisturizing factor is taken away. Although the “oil” comes out again, the moisture is too late to be replenished.This leads to peeling.
  ★ The correct way to deal with oily skin 1. Clean the skin: Cleansing the skin thoroughly every morning and evening is the focus of oily skin care. In addition to morning and evening, the face should be cleaned at noon.
Use a neutral facial cream to clean the skin 1 or 2 times a week. The facial polishing should be done in the morning. After the facial polishing, be sure to apply a moisturizing day cream. If the sun is strong, use sunscreen.
  2, choose the right cosmetics: oily skin in the use of cosmetics should not be less, not too much, it is best to use more moisture, moisturizing cosmetics.
Use products that can regulate oil. The most common botanical ingredients in these products are birch: it can reduce oil secretion; camphor: it can prevent seborrhea and anti-inflammatory effect; mint: it can relax and astringent; burdock: it can soothe the skin and preventSeborrhea; Witch Hazel: Soothes skin and eliminates acne.
  3. Scientifically solve skin problems: Medically, a series of problems caused by oily skin can be selected by beauty projects such as photon rejuvenation and “black face doll”.
Photon skin rejuvenation technology is a broad-spectrum non-intrusive bright light treatment, which can help to eliminate the red marks left by acne and acne, and also reduce the pores of the skin. The “black face baby” isThe beauty item highly recommended in “Beauty King 2” is to apply medical-grade nano-carbon powder to the face, and then use a laser to blast the carbon powder particles, thereby breaking the dirt and keratin of the epidermis, and fully stimulating the skin cells.Renewal and vitality, realize the effect of improving oil secretion, lightening spots, removing yellow and black, and restore skin’s original elasticity.
  4. Daily diet: In terms of diet, avoid eating greasy and spicy foods, try to quit smoking and alcohol, and eat more fruits and vegetables.