Low temperatures make men’s lives healthier

Low temperature cooking The “low temperature” of low temperature cooking is not as low as possible, and there should be a comfortable “degree”.

The US Food and Drug Administration’s recommendations are: Whole poultry meat at 82 ° C, domestic turkey and soil chicken at 74 ° C, cattle, sheep, pork at 71 ° C, eggs at 71 ° C (or yolk and egg whites cooked to a solidified state), roast63 ° C for vegetables, 55 ° C for vegetables, 74 ° C for leftovers.

  The minimum temperature for deep-fried food in restaurants regulated by the California Department of Health in the United States is edible: * Minced minced meat, minced meat or food containing minced meat, the cooking temperature must reach 69 ° C.

  * The temperature of eggs and food containing eggs must be 63 ℃.

  * Pork and pork-containing food must be cooked at 68 ℃.

  * Poultry, fish and food containing poultry or fish must be cooked at 74 ° C.

  Low temperature environment and high temperature index, low temperature environment can slow down the human body’s basal metabolic rate, breathing, pulse, blood pressure and other vital functions operate relatively smoothly, the consumption of “life energy” will be reduced accordingly.

Scientists believe that life activities work according to the “life energy” consumption law, that is, a person’s “life energy” is limited. After it is consumed, life ends, so the faster the consumption, the shorter the life span.

And low temperature environment is one of the effective methods to slow down the “life energy” consumption rate.

Therefore, consciously changing the “life energy” consumption rate, causing it to be slower and slower, to achieve a long stream of water and prolong life.

  As an example of scientific research, if a housefly can live for 150 years at a temperature of 18 ° C, it can only survive for 70 years at a temperature of 28 ° C, and its life span has been reduced by half.

This formality is also suitable for human beings. If we can maintain our living environment at a low temperature below 17 ° C, it will definitely be beneficial to longevity.

In fact, a person can have such a living temperature condition for about half a year per year during two thirds of his life.

Some people’s premature aging and even premature death have nothing to do with craving for a warm and comfortable environment.

They especially include the high-tech heating equipment inside the air conditioner. It is a pity to lose the low-temperature health care effect.

It seems that getting used to a slightly cold and refreshing life rather than a higher temperature life and work environment is the real way to extend life.

In addition, wearing as few clothes as possible (such as sticking to the autumn freezing), eating less meals, or lowering the temperature of the indoor air conditioner can also extend the effect of longevity.

  Why do people with low temperature sleep have to sleep?

To rest or charge?

In fact, we should understand the nature of sleep from the perspective of prolonging life.

Isn’t it?

Everyday we advocate 7?
8 hours of extra sleep is just a metabolic state in which the body temperature is low in 24 hours. In a broad sense, it is a kind of “low temperature health care”.

  This is far from enough. As a result, scientists have tried to make a “special cold room”. At night, the body temperature can be replaced by about 15 ° C. The “cold room” will automatically heat up the next morning, which will gradually restore the body temperature.

Letting the cumulative time of a person’s life course sleep in a “cold room” and similar low-temperature environment, the “life energy” saved is considerable, and will be the basis for making up for life extension.

  However, “cold room” sleep is still in the experimental stage, and it may be a long time before the actual application.

So, what can we do without sleeping in the “cold room”?

Scientists suggest that you can use an air conditioner to adjust the bedroom temperature to below 17 ° C, or try not to use electric blankets, hot water bottles, carbon stoves, etc. for heating, which can have simultaneous effects.

  Low-temperature exercise is of course beneficial to the low-temperature environment. Wouldn’t it be more effective if it could directly lower a person’s body temperature?

Indeed, scientists have found that when a person’s body temperature decreases by 3 ° C, the body’s metabolic rate can be reduced by half, and the body’s oxygen consumption is only 50% of normal body temperature.

From this calculation, if you can reduce your body temperature by 2?

At 5 ° C, a person’s lifespan may be more than doubled.

  Of course, a person’s body temperature cannot be lowered or raised at will. At present, no safe way to reduce the body temperature has been found, but we can achieve it through some special exercise methods, such as cold water baths, winter swimming, and so on.

  Taking the cold water bath as an example, it is a process that enables the human body to go from hot to cold and then from cold to hot in the previous time.

Because the cold water bath causes the blood vessels to rapidly contract and expand, the telescopic movement is like doing gymnastics, and the copyright is called “vascular gymnastics”.

In addition, “Frozen Autumn” can also correct and reset the high temperature in summer.

However, these methods are risky and not suitable for everyone. It is best to consult a doctor beforehand.
  Cryogenic scrotum Foreign sex experts have explored a new method to enhance sexual function-cold scrotum method.

Studies have shown that as men get older, the muscle fiber regulation function of the scrotal wall gradually weakens, causing the scrotum to sag all year round, eliminating sexual function.
The cold scrotum method is to cool the scrotum with water to stimulate the muscle fibers of the scrotal wall and gradually restore its contractile function.

  The specific method is to first soak in hot water for a while to let the scrotum heat and sag. If the water temperature is high, the bathing time should be as short as possible to prevent the suppository from being heated.

Then the scrotum was poured with cold water for a longer time, so that the plasma pellets were cooled at the same time.

Finally, he re-entered the hot water and braked the scrotum.

So repeating 4?
5 times.

  In order to keep the scrotum and testis often in a low temperature environment, foreign experts also invented the scrotal cooling pack.

The interlayer can reduce the temperature of the scrotum and plasma pellets by cooling water or cold air.

The obvious special device is suitable for workers who work alone and when sleeping at night.

The invention can delay the decline of male sexual function, enhance male sexual function and be conducive to the production of high-quality sperm.