Green beauty and strong wind

Ecological skin care products have been popular all the time, and the market has been deteriorating, and the earth ‘s ecological environment has continued to deteriorate. People ‘s awareness of environmental protection has gradually increased. The Copenhagen World Climate Conference has gradually raised the call for environmental protection.Wind, and among all kinds of natural skin care products, ecological skin care products are generally favored by consumers.

  Market: Consumers live in a fast-paced, high-stress metropolis. The skin is always facing many tests. UV rays, computer radiation, dust, cosmetics erosion, and work stress, the influence of bad living habits, cause intangible effects on the skin.Harm, over time, various skin problems begin to show.

A survey report by the World Health Organization (WHO) shows that among yellow people, skin and skin are less than 10% healthy and more than 20% sick, while 70% of sub-healthy skin is between healthy and sick.%.

  Sub-healthy skin is often manifested as wrinkles, uneven skin tone, rough skin, lack of elasticity, dull and yellow skin tone, freckles, dryness, enlarged pores, etc. To solve these problems, it is not simple to use whitening, moisturizing or freckle, tightSkin products can do it. In fact, the latest skin medical research found that the root cause of skin sub-health is the imbalance of the micro-ecological environment of the skin.

Therefore, the ecological skin care products that can condition the skin micro-ecology and radically improve the sub-health of the skin meet the needs of consumers’ skin care and have a large consumer group.

  Advantages: Roots improve the skin’s ecological skin care, that is, maintain the skin’s micro-ecological balance.

Different from the traditional essence of single skin care, ecological skin care takes a holistic concept to nourish the skin to a balanced state. First of all, it is important to maintain the health of the skin. Only healthy skin can last long and beautiful from the inside out.

Skin is a complete ecosystem. Healthy skin has a dynamic balance of its own operation. However, it is easy to break this balance due to external environmental stimuli or internal factors. In this state, no matter what the surface maintenance is, the effect isThey are only short-lived, even futile.

Many people have a mistake in skin care, thinking that skin is hydrated when it is dry, lighten pigments when it is dark, collagen is added when it is relaxed. In fact, when the skin is ecologically balanced, the skin itself has a strong ability to self-renew and repair.Maintaining the micro-ecological balance of the skin, restoring and strengthening the function of the skin itself, can improve the skin’s texture at the root, and solve the skin sub-health problems such as dryness, graying, rough, pigmentation, relaxation, and sensitivity.

  Take the dermatology brand white and black three-degree freshness ecological treatment as an example. The product it uses is a compound extract of natural herbs and herbal plants, ecological skin care ingredients and natural hot spring water as the core ingredients. It regulates the ecological balance of the skin to achieve the skin.The overall improvement of moisture, whiteness and freshness, the effect is significant and long-lasting, so it is popular among urban white-collar workers.

  At present, ecological skin care products are relatively common in countries with mature natural and organic cosmetics markets such as Germany and France, while China, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other countries may still have huge consumer markets. The development of the beauty industry in the future will also be ecologicalSkin care is mainstream.