Double Yoga is sophisticated

Practicing yoga for two people pays attention to coordination. It is not easy to find a partner to coordinate well. In addition, two yoga also has a lot of attention: 1. For better coordination, find partners of equivalent height and find partners of similar level.

  2. Don’t deliberately pursue the beauty and difficulty of modeling, but still try your best.

  3, the two sides of the practice should have some communication, and ask how much the other party can do.

  4. Although it is more playful than traditional yoga, it is also necessary to follow the coach’s instructions.

  5. The two parties work together to coordinate, and do not focus on individual actions.

  6, 2 hours before practicing, you can eat a small amount of liquid food or drink fruit juice, eat a small amount of biscuits is also good, try not to eat difficult food.

  7. It is not necessary to drink a lot of water during yoga, but to drink more water later to help detoxification.

  8. Pay attention to breathing according to the teacher’s instructions.

  9. Try to keep the time of breathing and meditation within half an minute after the action is completed to ensure the smoothness of the body skin.

  10, do not eat and shower immediately after yoga, generally longer and appropriate after half an hour.