Do not use the massager for more than 20 minutes

Do not use a massager for more than 20 minutes. Massage chairs, foot shakers, waists, resetting massagers . In fact, the use of massagers is beneficial to the elderly and has disadvantages. Using it for too long can be counterproductive. Some chronically ill elderly people, Even more unsuitable.

  In fact, the principles of various massagers are similar. They all use high-frequency mechanical vibrations to stimulate the human body to stimulate blood circulation in the stimulated area and accelerate the metabolism of the tissues in the area to obtain the effect of fitness.

However, various parts of the elderly have begun to deteriorate, and most of them have osteoporosis / vascular aging and other physical deterioration.

Massage equipment is generally based on vibration massage. Long-term use will stimulate the soft tissues of the elderly and even cause misalignment of the small joints of the spine.

  The elderly should pay attention to the following points when using a massager: First, when selecting a suitable massager, an electric massager with a fast vibration frequency and a weak vibration intensity should be selected, while an electromagnetic massager should pass a slow vibration frequency and a strong vibration intensity,More suitable for young and middle-aged people.

  Second, the use time should not be long to adjust the intensity and frequency of massage, from light to heavy, from little to more.

Time is best controlled at about 20 minutes each time, once in the morning and evening.

  Third, pay attention to the use of the arm of the massager should be more flexible, do not hold it too tight, the vibrating head can not squeeze the skin, everything should be natural and comfortable, it is advisable; if vibration stops during use, the temperature is too highAbnormal sound and other abnormalities should be discontinued immediately.

  Fourth, pay attention to the timing of use In order to avoid adverse consequences, re-use the electronic massager after fasting, fullness, drunkenness and head movements.

At this time, massage can further accelerate the blood pressure in the blood, increase the peristalsis of gastric smooth muscle, and easily cause discomfort such as nausea, vomiting, and chest tightness.