Nail talk can be uneven = poor liver

The color of the nails is usually light pink, but if nail polish is used too often, removing water will also make the nails yellow.

  Toughness of the nail Press the tip of the nail with other fingers. If it can be slightly bent, it means that the hardness is just right.

  If the nail plate is smooth, sometimes you will find groove marks when you look at it from the side, then you need to nourish your nails more to make the situation better.

  Surrounding skin If the surrounding skin is too dry and rough, massage and maintenance should be used to improve the situation.

  Symptoms of nails Nails can reflect the health status, observe the changes of nails, and understand the symptoms of the body.

  Nails are chronic, anemia or liver, and kidney problems.

  White spots lack zinc, triggering alternative supplements such as seafood, spinach, mushrooms, five types, sunflower seeds.

  It is easy to rupture and lacks iron. It can penetrate dark green leafy vegetables, fish, beans, five types of supplements.

  Fingernails that are too yellow lack vitamin E. It may also be the lymphatic system or the respiratory system.

Vitamin E is absorbed into dark green vegetables and fruits.

  If there are streaks in the unevenness, the liver may be bad.