Exercise therapy to prevent kidney deficiency

To prevent kidney deficiency, we must first pay attention to rest, work and rest, and be good at relaxing mental stress and releasing bad mood through some leisure activities.

Eat a balanced diet and live a regular life.

In addition, the following simple tips can not only strengthen the body and prevent kidney deficiency, but also can be used as adjuvant treatment for those with kidney deficiency.


Tai Chi is often played.

Tai Chi is best practiced early in the morning in a park with fresh air, under trees, and by the water.


Self-massage the waist every day: Rub the palms of your hands against each other until the palms are hot, then place them on the abdomen of the waist, palms towards the skin, and massage the waist up and down until you feel hot.

Morning and evening, each time about 200 times.

Editor’s recommendation: What to eat for male kidney deficiency3.

Rub your feet every day: After rubbing your palms with your hands, rub your right foot with your left hand and rub your left foot with your right hand, rubbing 300 times each time.


Do anal contraction daily: relax your body and breathe naturally; when you exhale, do anal contraction and relax when you inhale. Repeat about 30 times.


Do a set of simple gymnastics every day (If you have time, you can do it many times in a row): (1) The feet are parallel, the foot distance is the same as the shoulder width, the eyes are directly in front, the arms hang down naturally, the palms are attached to the seam of the pants, and the fingersOpen naturally.

Lift your heels and breathe 9 times in a row.

(2) Heel on the ground, inhale, slowly bend your knees and squat, and gradually turn the back of both hands forward, and the tiger’s mouth will deviate from the foot; when the hand is close to the ground, grasp it into a fist with a little force (meaning to catch something) and inhale.

(3) Hold your breath, your body will gradually stand up, your hands will hang down, and your fists will be gradually tightened.

(4) Exhale, straighten your body, twist your arms outward, press your fists forward, squeeze your soft ribs from the axial direction, and lift your body and heels up, lift your anus, and breathe.