Kidney Exercise

There are many ways to nourish the kidney and correct deficiency.

Such as sun exposure, eat more trace high and warm kidney yang food, choose to take kidney medicine, and so on.

However, starting from the basic theory of health, that is, “life lies in exercise,” it is an active measure worth promoting to nourish kidneys and rectify deficiency through exercise.

Here, the reader is introduced to some exercises that are beneficial to nourishing the kidney and rectifying deficiency and are easy to learn.

  There are two methods of waist massage.

  One or two palms are rubbed until the palms are hot, then put them on the waist, palms to the skin, massage the waist up and down until there is a feeling of heat.

But once in the morning and evening, about 200 times each.

This exercise can nourish kidney energy.

  2. Fists in both hands, with the palms of the two thumbs protruding from the back of the arm, massage the waist and eyes naturally, and do a circular rotary massage inward, gradually exerting force until the soreness is better. Continue to massage for about 10 minutes, morning, middle and eveningonce.

The waist is the place of kidney, often do lumbar eye massage, can suffer from chronic muscle strain caused by kidney deficiency in middle-aged and elderly people, back pain and so on.

  Foot massage method Chinese medicine believes that the Yongquan point is directly connected to the kidney meridian, and the foot spring point method of the foot center is the place where the turbid gas decreases.

Frequent massage of Yongquan can improve kidney and kidney, strengthen health, prevent premature aging, and relieve liver and eyesight, promote sleep, and have certain effects on dizziness caused by kidney deficiency, insomnia, tinnitus, hemoptysis, nasal congestion, and headache.

The method of massaging the feet is to soak your feet with warm water every day before going to bed, and then rub each other’s hands with your hands, then massage your right foot with your left palm, and massage your left foot with your right palm, more than 100 times at a time.
This method has the effect of strengthening kidneys, nourishing yin and reducing fire, and has a very good effect on the common deficiency syndrome in middle-aged and elderly people.

  Strong kidney exercise sits side by side, legs are naturally separated, shoulder width, shoulders flexed with elbows, fingers extended upwards, level with both ears.

Then, with both hands raised, the two ribs felt a bit affected, and then recovered.

Can be done 3 to 5 times in a row, and 3 to 5 times daily as appropriate.

You should relax your body before doing any action.

Inhale when your hands are raised, exhale when you recover, and do not use excessive force or excessive force.

This action can move the muscles and bones, reach the meridians, and at the same time return Qi to Dantian. It has a relief effect on the elderly, weak, and short of breath.

Sit up, bend your left arm on your legs, bend your right arm with your palms up, and do a parabolic movement 3 to 5 times.

When throwing a parabolic action, throw your hand upwards. The action can be slightly faster. Inhale when throwing and exhale when recovering.

This action has the same effect as the first action.

Sit on your back with your legs hanging naturally. Slowly turn your body from side to side 3 to 5 times.

Then, swing your feet forward more than 10 times. You can increase or decrease according to your physical strength.

When you do the movements, relax your whole body. The movements should be natural and gentle. When you turn your body, keep your torso upright, and you should not pitch.

This action can move the waist and knees, strengthen the kidney and strengthen the waist. This exercise is often practiced, and the waist and knees can be exercised, which is beneficial to the kidneys.

Sit on your side, loosen your waistband, undress, rub your hands warm, put them in your waist, and rub them up and down until your waist feels hot.

This method can warm the kidneys and strengthen the waist, and the waist has the gates of the gates of the Ming Dynasty, and the points of the kidneys Shu, Qi Haishu, and Dachangshu of the foot bladder meridian.And other effects.

Put your feet together, raise your head with your hands crossed, and then bend over, touch your hands with the ground, then squat, hold your knees with both hands, and meditate on “blowing” without making a sound.

In this way, it can be done more than 10 times continuously.

  The above exercises are often practiced, which have the effects of nourishing kidney, solidifying essence, strengthening waist and knees, and channeling meridians.