Kumbu (“Wu Pu Materia Medica”)[synonym]Lun cloth (“Wu Pu Materia Medica”), Hai Kunbu (“Shandong Traditional Chinese Medicine”).

  [Source]It is the kelp of the kelp family, or the kelp of the phylum, and the fronds of Wakame.

  [Pharmacological effects]①The effects on the thyroid are caused by the iodine contained and induced by iodine.

  Kumbu can be used to correct hypothyroidism caused by iodine deficiency, and it can also temporarily suppress the metabolic rate of hyperthyroidism and alleviate symptoms, but it can not last, and can be used as a preparation before surgery.

  After iodide enters the tissue and blood, it can still promote the absorption of pathological products such as inflammatory leakage.

  And can make the diseased tissue collapse and dissolve, so it is generally not used for active tuberculosis.

  The iodine contained in kumbu is slower in absorption than potassium iodide, longer in the body, and slower in excretion.

  ② Hypotensive effect Laminate has a hypotensive effect. Laminate monocitrate is administered intravenously to anesthetized rabbits to change the temporary drop in blood pressure. This effect is not replaced by atropine; it does not affect occlusion of the common carotid arteries on both sides or injectionBoosting response caused by norepinephrine; in in vitro and in vivo tests, it can suppress the heartbeat amplitude, but does not affect the heartbeat frequency.

  It has a significant inhibitory effect on smooth muscles, such as the small intestine and bronchus.

  And can fight the contraction caused by acetylcholine, serotonin, barium chloride; in the isolated small intestine of rats, the effect of acetylcholine is 0 of papaverine.


  It can enhance the effect of norepinephrine on isolated guinea pig vas deferens.

  The effect on rectus abdominis is weak.

  Laminine monohydrochloride can also reduce blood pressure and inhibit the intestine of isolated rabbits; however, it has a mild excitatory effect on isolated rabbit hearts.

  ③ Antitussive and antitussive effects The crude extract of kelp root has antiasthmatic effects in guinea pigs (histamine method), and in rats (0.

59% sulfur dioxide method), cats (electrically stimulated superior laryngeal nerve method) cough has a certain antitussive effect.

  The amount of poisoning given can reduce animal movement, lie sideways and even comatose and die, unlike codeine.

  ④ Other effects Seaweed Kunbu flow extract has protective effect on rabbits infected with schistosomiasis cercariae (decoction is not effective).

  Oral fluid extract 2 g / kg was administered orally 1 day after infection for 90 consecutive days. The remaining number of schistosomiasis in rabbits was significantly reduced earlier, especially the liver residue was much more slight, and the normal structure was roughly saved.Only a small number of egg nodules were formed, and the surrounding fibrosis was not significant, especially the new egg was difficult to find.

  Mice orally take seaweed, kelp, whole scorpion, maggot and other compound (chemical cancer Dan) decoction, which can inhibit Ehrlich ascites cancer.

  Kunbusu has no effect on reticular sarcoma IRE (ascites type) in rats.

  Kunbusu is a polysaccharide with low levels of sulfates (each glucose unit contains 0.

62 sulfate) is similar to heparin in that it has a blood lipid clearance effect, but has no significant anticoagulant effect. It can be used in patients with atherosclerosis.

  From L.

Kumbutin sulfate M extracted from cloustoni clears blood lipids after intravenous injection (human), increases the electrophoresis capacity of lipoproteins, and changes the distribution of lipoproteins similar to heparin, but with a shorter duration (4-6 hours).

  The effect of intramuscular injection (100 mg) is not significant, probably due to insufficient dosage.

  Sodium alginate extracted from kelp has bleeding effect on Yin arteries of animals, and it has hemostatic effect.

  For other effects, see Seaweed Strips.

  [Processing]Pick out the impurities, rinse with water, cut into broad wires, and dry.

  [Sexual taste]salty and cold.

  ① “Wu Pu Materia Medica”: sour, cold, non-toxic.

  ② “Renewal of Materia Medica”: bitter, cold, non-toxic.

  [Gujing]① “To be divided into medicine”: into the stomach.

  ② “Compendium of Materia Medica”: into the spleen.

  [Function Indications-Kumbu’s effect]Soft and firm, water.

  Treatment of carbuncle, palate tumors, palate, edema, swelling and pain in the retina pill.

  ① “Don’t record”: the main twelve kinds of edema, scabs, coalesced gas, scabies.

  ② “Medicine theory”: water channels, to swollen face, to the bladder of malignant sores.  ③ “Compendium of Materia Medica”: the main palate oocysts.

  ④ Cui Yuxi’s “Food Sutra”: cure nine bags of wind and heat, hot palate, pain in the hands and feet, and benefit people by producing palate.

  ⑤ “Compendium of Materia Medica”: the main master.

  ⑥ Yao Kecheng’s “Materia Medica”: Wakame, the main woman’s red vaginal discharge, the man’s spermatorium.

  楸 “Jade medicament solution”: drain water to damp, break up soft and firm.

  Clear heat and water, cure qi, bloating, swelling, tumor, epilepsy and malignant sore, and work with seaweed and kelp.

  ”Modern Practical Chinese Medicine”: Treatment of edema, gonorrhea, wet beriberi.

  It also treats goiter, chronic bronchitis, and cough.

  [Usage and Dosage]Oral: Jiantang, 1-3 money; or into pills, powder.

  [Should be avoided]Those with spleen and stomach deficiency and dampness should avoid taking it.

  ① “Medicinal Herbal Therapy”: get out of breath, and take long and thin people.

  ② “Essence of Pinhui”: Pregnancy should not be taken.

  ③ “Introduction to Medicine”: those with stomach deficiency should be cautious.

  [Selection]①Through thoracic tuberculosis, bloated and hard: one or two kelp (wash away to taste).

  Make trouble.

  Every time you use the money, wrap it in cotton vinegar and soak it in it.

  (“Sheng Hui Fang”) ② Govern the cysts of the lower neck piercing, and gradually desire to become a sacrifice: kunbu, seaweed equally.

  On the last day, the honey pill is as big as apricot kernels, containing, slightly swallowing juice, on the fourth or fifth day.

  (“Behind the Elbow”) ③ The first stagnation of qi and suffocation in the throat, which gradually became swollen after death: betel nut three or two, seaweed two or two (wash away salty), kunbu three or two (wash away salt water).

  It is used as medicine, pounding Luo as the end, refining honey and pills, such as small marbles, often containing a pill.

  (“Sheng Hui Fang”) ④ Governance of qi and suffocation of breasts, neck of throat gradually thickened: Kumbu two or two (washed salty juice), one or two through the grass, two sheep falcon (disease), one or two sea clams ((Research), one or two of horsetail seaweed (wash out the salty juice).

  On the five flavors, the honey pill is like a marble, and it contains the pharynx.

  Avoid lettuce, hot noodles, sesame meat, garlic, and bamboo shoots.

  (“Guangji Fang” Kunbu Wan) ⑤ can not stop eating qi and choking food: Kunbu (wash, roast, end) one or two, the pile of pestle and fine bran together, research together.

  Combine the old cow’s saliva and raw lily juice together, slowly fry into the honey and stir into a paste, and the end pestle pill is as big as a scallion.

  One pill per serving, swallowed.

  (Kunbu Fang of Shengji General Records) ⑥ Regulate qi, bladder is in trouble, it is better to breathe: one pound of kunbu, soaked rice simmered in juice overnight, wash off the salty taste, use a bucket of water, cook to become cooked, and grow longThree inches, four or five minutes wide, still take the light white grip, two inches cut off 擘, more cooked and make kunbu extremely rotten, still salt, 酢, 豉, 糁 reconcile, according to the law, do not make salty sourWith ginger, orange peel, ground pepper, etc., you should eat the previous rice, the previous rice porridge, and the seaweed.

  (Kuangbu recipe of Guangji recipe)[Except for famous masters]① Herbal classics sparse: Kumbu, salty can be soft and strong, and under its moistness, cold energy can dispel heat and dissipate, so there are twelve types of edema and tumor clusters.Gas, bladder sores.

  Dong Yuanyun: Those who are as strong as stones are not removed, but Zheng Xian can also be soft and strong.

  The treatment of its odor properties is almost the same as that of seaweed.

  ② “Compendium of Materia Medica”: Kumbu’s nature is male seaweed. Hysteria is always used. Cover it to remove old sputum.