Detox Yoga as a “net” beauty

Accumulation of toxins in the body not only causes dark skin and gastrointestinal disorders, but also causes problems such as swelling and weight loss.
In fact, in addition to exercising, some simple exercises can also purify and detoxify.
  Exercise can accelerate metabolism, it can be said that the best way to achieve detoxification.
  Breathing method: Purify the respiratory tract. People often breathe involuntarily, and the amount of gas inhaled into the lungs is limited.
In fact, the faster the breathing rate, the smaller the breathing volume, and the oxygen that was hard to inhale before it had time to play a role, was sent out again, and the short exhalation made the waste carbon dioxide remain in the lungs.
Therefore, instead of taking a hundred short breaths, it is better to take deep breaths or even abdominal breaths to help accelerate the metabolism of waste in the body and purify the blood.
  具体方法  1、用拇指按住右鼻,从左鼻中呼出残留气体,然后再从左鼻吸入气体;   2、拇指放开,用无名指和小指按住左鼻,从右鼻呼气,再从Inhale gas from the right nose.
Then press the right nose with your thumb and exhale from the left nose.
Repeat this step for 10 breaths at a time.
  Note: Start from the left nostril and end to the left nostril.
Exhale slowly for twice as long as you inhale.
  Massage method: promote metabolism If you want to achieve detoxification by massage method, you must first understand the correct method.
First of all, the gesture of massage is exquisite, not just rubbing and squeezing, but to “stroke” along the flow of lymph, that is, massage from the extremities to the heart.
For example, leg massage, both hands massage from the ankle to the knee to the cheekbones, from bottom to top.
This will help promote lymph and blood flow, make muscle metabolism more vigorous, provide cells with more nutrients to promote metabolism, and speed up the elimination of waste.
  Exercise type: clear intestines and detox Exercise can accelerate metabolism, help skin and lungs detoxify, remove toxins that other organs cannot solve by sweating, and exercise can also prevent constipation.
Individuals can choose the exercise method that suits them according to their preferences to help the body detoxify.
Here are a few sports to help you detoxify swimming: The buoyancy of water during swimming can reduce 90% of the body’s weight, release joint pressure, and stimulate lymphatic detoxification.
  Yoga: Many difficult movements of yoga often deter many laymen or beginners, but they have good detoxification effects.
Under the guidance of the coach, make a variety of yoga postures, which can relax the bones and muscles, make the body more flexible, and have a massage effect on the internal organs. It has a good detoxification effect and the skin can naturally be improved.
  Rope skipping: The lymphatic system can collect and screen systemic toxins, transport them to the lymph nodes, and then excrete them through the blood through a detoxifying organ.
And bouncing can stimulate the lymphatic system to detoxify, relax tension, reduce cholesterol, improve circulation and breathing, and even drive the body’s deadly cellulitis.
  Brisk walking: We have to walk every day, just increase the speed when walking, swing and stretch our arms as much as possible, it is the simplest and most convenient detox exercise.
It can stimulate the lymph, lower cholesterol and high blood pressure.
  Health Class Xiaorong: Hello, my problem is related to sports shoes.
There are many kinds of sports shoes on the market. If I want to engage in different fitness sports, what type of sports shoes should I choose?
  A: When doing fitness exercises, choosing the right sports shoes can make the fitness effect more effective, otherwise it will cause sports injuries. Generally, you should choose sports shoes according to the type of sports you engage in.
  Brisk walking: choose sports shoes with elastic soles, which can reduce the impact of the joints on each step. In addition, the soles are easier to bend than running shoes, because when walking, the pedals are more powerful and the feet are more curved.Large, the heel is the main force to shoulder the weight of the body when walking, and the heel must be stable and firm.
  Often walking, the elasticity of the shoes will quickly lose, although the surface is not bad, but the protection is not very good, it is recommended to change a pair of walking shoes a year.
  Running: A good pair of running shoes is essential.
Choosing the right running shoes for you depends on your weight, the shape of your feet, the way you run and whether there are injuries.
Before you buy shoes, try them on and try running for a while to see if they have enough flexibility and fit.
In addition, the sole should be easier to bend. If you grasp the two ends of the shoe to bend it, the most curved part should be the sole of the foot.
The heel part should be suitable. If it is too large, it will make you unstable when running and damage your ankle easily.
  Jumping: You can choose a pair of multifunctional shoes with good support on the soles of your feet and can meet the needs of a small amount of running and jumping.
Generally speaking, the gym has a constant temperature during the four seasons, and you will sweat when you exercise. It is best to choose lighter and lighter sports shoes.
Changing sneakers every year is also a good way to protect your joints.
  Simple exercise: accelerate sweating At home, you can cooperate with some simple detox exercises, play your favorite music, and continue to exercise for 20-40 minutes, you can easily achieve weight loss, sweating and detoxification.  Push up: Use a soft cushion or bath towel to fold it on the top, and move your hands forward to make the body approximately 45 degrees, while reducing the abdomen, open your hands about a bit wider than the distance you hold, your fingers facing forward; slowly bend your arms,Press your upper body down to about 5 cm from the ground, inhale during the process of pressing down, and then use the force of the pectoral muscles to squeeze the upper body back to the original position, and exhale during the process.

  Leg bending exercise: Lie on your back with your hands flat on both sides of your body; bend your knees and lift at the same time, keeping your thighs against your abdomen for 5-10 seconds; repeat after restoring.

  Bridge support: Lie on your back with your feet bent flat against the ground, your hands flat against your body, and inhale; at the beginning, raise it forward and let the next neighbor leave the ground for about 1 second, then slowly exhale; thenMove forward without touching the ground and inhale as you move down.